Manuel Rorarius

Manuel Rorarius

CEO, Pilot

Berufspilot - ATPL(A) frozen
Instrument Rating IR(A)
Single Engine Piston Rating (SEP-Land)
Multi Engine Piston Rating (MEP-Land)
Single Engine Turbine Rating (CessnaSET-Land)
mehr als 650 Stunden FLugerfahrung
Standorte: Schönhagen, Strausberg, Kyritz, Bienenfarm


When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. ~Leonardo Da Vinci
Breathtaking views, excitement and fun on a windy day over Berlin – we loved every minute of this kick ass beautiful trip and would fly with Manuel again anytime!

It was freakin awesome! Thank you so much. So awesome. Next step: become a pilot. 🙂

This was certainly a fun activity! Manuel took us on a lovely flight over Berlin as the sun was setting, which was very special. He’s a great pilot, a knowledgeable birds-eye guide, and a really cool guy. I would do this again in a heartbeat – one of the most memorable things I’ve ever experienced.

The BEST BEST BEST gidsy activity ever! And I did many! As a real Berliner Manuel managed to show me my city in a new and maximum fun way! Thank you so much. I really will never forget!

This was totally awesome. The flight was amazing and Manuel did a great job pointing everything out from above and flying us over some really cool places. It felt a little like driving through the air in a car right over Berlin. The flight itself was very comfortable and got pretty exiting when Manuel was making turns or other maneuvers.

Tip: Bring some food for after the flight to settle your stomach back to mainland.

One of the best ways to get introduced to Berlin, or to learn more about it as Manuel is not only a very good pilot but also a great Berlin guide! Glad I booked this activity as my girlfriend’s birthday present – we both enjoyed the flight a lot.

When Manuel picked us up in Berlin he was very friendly and relaxed. He took us to Kyritz in Brandenburg where the plane is departing from. During the trip there we got to know him a little better and were pretty sure, he’s the perfect guy for an experience like this. We felt really safe the whole time and well entertained as he pointed to everything we should see, told some stories and asked for our wellbeing every once in a while, girls and their stomaches, haha.
We saw some amazing landscapes, lakes and architecture, flew very low over the Tegel airport and also the TV Tower seemed close enough although its not allowed to fly over the inner city. I can totally recommend this trip, a great Berlin experience with friends on a sunny day!

We had a nice one hour flight with Manuel from the Bienenfarm field; I can recommend this activity. The route we took:

We had a great time with Manuel. I had bought it as a surprise for my husband when we were visiting Berlin. Manuel kept the surprise going for me all the way until we got to the airport. He picked us up at the U-Bahn and dropped us off again. His English is perfect and we had a lot of fun. He is a great pilot and he was able to point out all of the main sights around Berlin for us. I would strongly recommend this for anyone visiting Berlin and who would like something fun and different to do. Thanks Manuel! Tracey, Gary and Evan B. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Want to do something extraordinary tour with someone special? Jump in the sky with Manuel! It’s totally awesome! Manuel is a fantastic pilot and a great guide: during the flight he told us about the parks, the lakes and the monuments we was flying over. Unforgettable experience…and so romantic 🙂 🙂 Mara

Grossartiges Erlebnis! Der Rundflug über Berlin hat echt Spaß gemacht. Manuel war nicht nur sehr freundlich und professionell sondern hat auch jede Menge Orte und Sehenswürdigkeiten von oben gezeigt. Es war lustig und sicher hab ich mich auch gefühlt. Ich kann diesen Event nur Empfehlen und werde bestimmt wieder mal mit ihm fliegen.

These were some great hours with Manuel and the plane! Everything is well organized, safe and we could even take our 4-year old with us! A great experience for the whole family 🙂 And really great to fly over our own house; we took great photos from above! A real life time experience!

Awesome and unique experience! A must-do if you’re coming to visit Berlin for a few days, or have been living here for a few years. Manuel was a great host and very informative and friendly. Will recommend this activity to others!

Loved every minute of it. Manuel is a friendly chap and it was fun flying over Potsdam/Berlin.

Oh this was absolutely stunning. Highly recommend for an alternative view of Berlin. Manuel was a wonderful pilot, even taking us on a low-flying “adventure” through Tegel airport!